Thursday, July 1, 2010

Essential Question

All my EQs:
-What are the good things about aging?
-How can we use technology be used to help the elderly?
-What are the difficulties faced by the elderly?
-How can we help the elderly and make their lives easier?
-What are some of the things that already help the elderly and are there any flaws in them?

My 3 chosen EQs:
1.What are the difficulties faced by the elderly?
-I ranked this as the most important as we have to know what problems the elderly are facing
before we can do something about the problem.

2.What are some of the things that already help the elderly and are there any flaws in them?
-This is the second most important as if there is a flaw in something that helps the elderly, 
maybe we could improve the product and thus make the elderly's lives EVEN easier.

3.How can we help the elderly and make their lives easier?
-First, we find out what is bothering(or making things difficult)for the elderly. Then we focus on 
those problems and think of solutions to make life easier for the elderly.


  1. The first question is pretty generic, whilst the last 2 are pretty specific in nature. But I do notice that some of these questions are interlinked too. Do take a look at how some of these questions could be linked further. You might want to take a look at specific activities or products as we move on into our brainstorming session/s later on.

  2. The first question is important and the other two is linked to the first question. So mainly you are focusing on one topic

  3. The first question could be more in depth, like what difficulties do the elderly face and how can we eliminate them.
    The next 2 questions are good. Specific and self-explanatory.

  4. The questions are useful and relevant to the aging challenge.